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happy flowers

kreestole in damncorvallis


I'm new to Corvallis, just moved here with my family (hubby and 3 kids) about a week and a half ago. We drove from Vermont to start fresh and my husband is going to use his GI Bill to go to OSU. My daughter is 5 and starts kindergarten tomorrow, and I have twin 20 month old sons. We like the area so far, seems like a nice place to call home. Just wanted to meet some people and chit chat about the area, see if anyone has any tips or advice about anything and whatnot. We've hit up the farmers market, I have to say it is quite impressive compared to others we've been to. We brought the kids to Avery Park, that was fun. Other than that just looking for some things to do for cheap with the family.

So hello to all of you!


Hey there!

It's hard to find good cheap things to do with the family now that it's all rainy and muddy outside. But there are some holiday things coming up - the Friday after Thanksgiving is the Christmas parade, and there are a couple of fun places to look at Christmas lights (the Pepsi bottling plant off of Walnut and Highway 99, and two houses on Peoria Rd south of town). My husband and dog and I like to walk around downtown and on the waterfront as well, and there are several places to hike/walk just outside the city.

What kinds of things did you like to do in Vermont?

Speaking of that, a lot of good cheap things happen on campus at OSU (and LBCC). check the calendars for events happening.

39th Annual Children's Winter Festival (Calapooia Center, 2nd floor)
Dec 5, 2009 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

OSU has been doing something the same day usually also the past few years for kids for the holidays.


Thank you for the links, I've bookmarked them.
Well, the area I lived was pretty rural and I had infant twins so I didn't get out much to do anything often, LOL. Seriously, something simple like going to Walmart was an adventure, it was 1 hour away in NH. So when I did have any free time there wasn't really much to do with it where we lived. I used to just love throwing my daughter in the stroller and taking a nice walk when she was a baby and we lived in San Diego. We went to any of the local town festivals/fairs/activities that our town in VT offered, and we used to do things like library storytime and the zoo. I'd like to get back into rollerskating/rollerblading, and I have a decent bike on its way (which I see is a plus in OR period) but my kids may hold me back a bit on those activities for a while.

Thank you for the info though, its always good to know where the good Xmas lights are, kids love that. Who am I kidding, its also my fave part of Christmas.
Welcome to the valley! Hope your allergies don't hit too hard. Local honey will help with that. A spoonful of honey a day keeps the allergies away.

I've been in town for about 15 years, at OSU for 14 and now real estate.

Campus is a lot of fun for going around and looking at the plants and people. There is also a kindercare at OSU that you might look into. Not sure what the requirements are or cost, but I know a lot of people like it for their kids from diapers to kindergarten.

There used to be a kid friendly restaurant downtown on 4th just 1/2way up the block from starbucks. Not sure if it's still there or not.

The aquatic center is nice, and if you're on campus, check out the family swim times at Dixon. In the summer the water fountain on the water front is a good cheap time.
Thanks for all the info, I wasn't aware of the kindercare at OSU and we'll def. check that out, just in case. I saw the fountain, already made a mental check for that come summer. I noticed an indoor park sign on Circle, and a bouncy place??? But I would assume they would cost money.
welcome! i only moved here a few months ago myself so i don't have a ton of ideas, but i do suggest finding some sort of group or club to check out - it can give you instant connections and activities. what are your hobbies?
This will sound really lame but I don't really know anymore, I've been a SAHM for the last 6 years and since I had the twins, my life kinda got put aside. I suppose I'll have to think about that some, where I lived in VT was very rural so there wasn't really anything to do and there seems to be so much more going on here.
Someone reminded me of the pottery place in Corvallis, 3rd and Madison I think. Go in, buy something to paint, and then pick it up when it's fired. Take as long as you want with it. Painting with the kids for pretty cheap. And someone else to clean up ;-)
Ooh, thank you! I did that with my daughter when we lived in San Diego, she had a blast. That's a great idea.
The Benton Center in Corvallis is associated with Linn Benton Community College and they have lots of classes geared toward mothers and babies.
This is a list of the upcoming classes, though I don't know if registration is still open.
I took one with my son and it was great! There's combined activities for moms and babies, and then in the toddler class, for the second half of class half the moms take the kids out to the covered play area, and the other half stay inside for instructor led parenting discussions. (then it switches the next week) It's quite free form and fun.

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